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What's in a name? On this website, EVERYTHING... is the home of educational excellence. The materials listed and the workshops promoted are about educational excellence. No one can adequately protect the weak and/or the ignorant in a free society; therefore, the best protection that any citizen can have in a democracy is an education.

This website is filled with information about education. All of the books were written to help students and teachers work toward educational excellence. I believe in education. I believe in the power of ideas. I believe that education can change situations. Ignorance is its own punishment, but education liberates people from the sentence imposed upon them by ignorance. I also believe that education is not reserved for the advantaged, but is for anyone and everyone who will seek it and embrace it.
Williams Jenkins
I believe that great minds and talents have been equally dispersed among all races and cultures and educators have the great challenge and opportunity to develop those minds wherever they find them.

At this time in our history in America too few of those minds are being found and developed among black children, especially those who live in inner cities. I fear that many people, some in education, some black, and some white, have concluded that those black children are incapable of the educational excellence that we see in white and Asian children. I understand how some might come to such a conclusion, but I am convinced otherwise, and have seen enough evidence to be firm in my convictions.

So I am a strong advocate of black educational excellence also. And I know that black children can achieve educational excellence today, even in inner city schools. Several of the books and workshops address the achievement gap that exists between black and white and Asian students.

It is not that I am any more concerned about black children than I am about the other children in our schools, it is just that the educational situation with black children is so urgent that it requires immediate action, or black children, and even the black race will be left behind forever. I retired from the classroom to spend more time trying to make sure that such a thing does not happen.

This website is also the website for my new character program. In my travels across the country I have come across many character programs. Most of them were simply posters and quotations, or word of the day or week programs. Almost none of them got at the heart of character, partly because character begins with values. Those schools could not teach values because their values were rooted in their religious beliefs and they were not allowed to teach their religious beliefs to students. So since they couldn’t teach religion, and they couldn’t teach values outside of religion, they didn’t teach either.

My program starts with values, but they are not religious values, they are cultural values-twenty-five of the values that are so vital to our American culture. These values serve as the root of the character program that you will find displayed on this website and it is available to schools now. Welcome to this web site. I hope you find it interesting, informative, inspiring, helpful, and well worth your visit.

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